The drooling is over

No new PowerBooks this morning at MacWorld. Oh well. But the drooling is over, I am going to purchase a 12" PowerBook. I have been oogling over it for some time now and want a replacement to my now long in the tooth TiBook 500. But since it is not just announced I will get it sooner :=D.

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I'm not expecting any Powerbook announcements at MWNY either, but if there WAS going to be an announcement, wouldn't it be more likely to be made on Wednesday, when Joz speaks?

yea i thought about that after i posted :-P .

i will wait till wednesday. but thats about it. thinking of actually making a road trip to the columbus store. i really want to see that new chicago store but its a long drive.

You spoiled little bitch. :-P

Thats spoiled little bitch dot com mister!

and yes, i just knew that u would chime in with that, although i find that your timing was a little late. :-P


Let me know if you're still looking for a PB 12" or other size.

I have several in stock.


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