Trip to Columbus Apple Store

Well lets start out by saying I came back empty handed. I did however aquire a massivly burnt arm durring the trip. I am talking lobster red burnt arm. Yea, anway... I have never been to an Apple Store. Even though the one in Columbus does not ook as cool as the one in Chicago, it was an awsome experience. The 23" Cinima Display, the 3 different PowerBooks, drool. The way the Dock for the new iPod works is nice. I went down all set to come home with a new computer, an iSight, an iPod, and some software. And like I said I came home with NOTHING. ARRRR. I was paying by check (I personally don't belive putting things of this nature on a credit card, they are evil). They had to verify my check with a 3rd party check verification business, named TeleCheck, hereby refered to "bastards." The bastards say I do not exist. My name and drivers license number aparently is not in The Bastards database. Because of this I came home with nothing. I tell you I was so mad It did not even occur to me I could have gotten the iPod or iSight while I was there. I just wanted to leave. That totally ruined my Sunday. It did not matter that I could pull up my online bank statement. And being a Sunday no one is at the bank of course. Heh, the cashier even asked the person from TeleCheck if there was a way for people to add there info to their system. I get the impression that answer was no. I don't even have a check card for my checking account. On Monday I went to Sky Bank and filled out a form to get one. The only redeaming quality to this trip was Mike's step mom made marzetti for dinner. Yummy. Oh well that's life. I loved the Apple Store. They let you play with anything there. Plug and unplug everything. The people were very nice. The "Genious" seemed like one who knew what he was talking about. I spent a lot of time playing around with SoundTrack, enough that I am going to get it. That is a nice app. I am just glad they didn't call it iSounTrack (I am getting tired of all the "i" Apps but that is another post all together). Sountrack is not the Pro app the Final Cut and DVD Studio is at all. It is a little more complex then say iDVD or iMovie but not much.

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Man, that sucks :-/
I'd be uber pissed off if I'd gone to buy new hardware and come home empty handed.

Yea i am just glad i did not go all the way to that cool looking Chicago Apple Store to come home empty handed!

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