Worlds Longest French Fry?

How much would you pay for a 6 and 3/4 inch french fry? Well someone payed just over $200. We have some strange people in this world. Here is a news story on it.
The fry's claim as the world's largest has not gone undisputed. Two restaurant employees at Chips of Wisconsin Rapids found one fry last week that was about 8 inches. On June 29, a second french fry from Wisconsin Rapids that's allegedly longer than 7 inches also went on sale on eBay.
What a rip off! I would definitely want the 8 inch fry!


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Comments (13)

Lawrence Domzaski:

We bought a bag of fries and we were eating them when I saw a really big fry. We measured it and it's 8 inces!


We have a 7 and 1/2 inch fry, and if anyone is interested in buying it please notify me.


omg i have a french fry bigger then 8 inches i know it but i cant find my friggin ruler!!!!!!!!


it beats the other ones i swear it kicks lawrence domzaskis butt!!!!!!!

Brian Washburn:

i have in my possesion a 9 inch fry

I bet you can fence that off on eBay for a small fortune. Maybe even enough money to buy a Xbox 360 off of eBay!


I have put a french fry on ebay, it is seven and 1 quarter inches long. To bid or look go to ebay and search "french fy" it is one of the last ones

french fry fanatics:

We got a french fry from smokey bones that is 8 1/2 inches long! we are very proud of our finding! if only u had this fry... the bidding starts at $200.00.


I have a 14" french fry from Arby's... Check it.

Brent Sterling:

I just eat french fry that was atleast 16 inchs long. The best part of it was it was still party curly. I think this makes me the world champion of fry eaten. Please send me cell phone number if you would like a picture.

ROLL TIDE yee haw


I just got a french fry from this new place and it's propably 7 inches long. I haven't checked it yet.


at lunch a kid at my table had a french fry a yard long


We found a 23" french fry this week. It came from Arby's. My brother told me that a 7" french fry had been sold on ebay, so I should save the fry. I did, with doubt that he was telling the truth... but after a google search, here I am. People pay for the craziest stuff... anyone wanna buy it?

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