3G iPod Accessories

The 3rd generation (3G) iPod was released in April of 2003. It is the end of August and people (myself included) are still waiting for accessories designed for our new iPods. The SendStation PocketDock will not ship until September 12, although it has been announced for some time now. I emailed them and was told "All manufacturers of dock related iPod accessories are dependant on Apple and its connector supplier - unfortunately there's only one, as the dock connector is patent protected. We've been waiting a long time to get this component, and have been told to finally receive it within this week. " The PocketDock has got to be one of the most wanted gadgets for the 3G iPod. It is a small iPod Dock to Firewire converter. You can pre-order and save two dollars, which I did, but it will have been 5 months by the time the PocketDock ships - if it indeed ships in early September. I am just as impatient as the next guy, but come on! Five months for 3rd party accessories? That is a little ridiculous. Another accessory I wanted to get, and even more so then the PocketDock, is a good case with a screen protector for my new iPod. I have seen how easy the iPod gets scratched and scuffed up so screen and case protection is important. The best looking case, and one of the only ones that comes with screen protection is the iSkin. Unfortunately supply and demand has caught up with this iPod accessory maker as well. I pre-ordered a glow-in-the dark orange case. In order to get the case soon, I had to get a plain white one. The screen protector did not ship with it either. It has been a couple weeks since I got the iSkin case, and I am now told I should get the screen protector within a week. My friend's iPod has big scratches on the screen and numerous scuff marks on the metal body and white plastic face. I care far too much about my $500 iPod. At least the body of the case is protected at the moment. I notice I have a small scuff on the lower right side of the screen now. I do not know how it got there, I am going to try rubbing some tooth paste over it (as I hear this works to get rid of scuffs in the plastic). I just want the screen protector piece so I do not have to worry about it. I hear other 3G iPod accessories are in the same type of limbo at present as well. And that is not fun at all.

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Eric Elliott:

Hmm, I got my iSkin (white frost) last week, and the screen protector was with it...

Must be nice. I had to settle for White Mist. My bro just got his iSkin screen protector as well (he, like me, got his iSkin w/o the screen protector). I should get my screen protector soon.

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