A thumbtack in your car door

How would you like to wake up and go out to your car to find a thumbtack holding an envelope in the drivers side door of you car? Well Photo Mikey did, his SAAB had a just that. How do you put a thumbtack through the side of a car door?? The letter was cute. The first page had a little heart and a smiley face. The letter itself was very, very poorly typed (as in with a typewriter, or so it looked) Now for me to say something has grammatical errors means its bad. When I start finding grammatical problems, it is bad. I am talking not high school worthy writing folks. The letter even threatened to tow the car, which they cannot do (well I am sure they could and Mikey is waiting for them to do just that). The reason for this thumbtack through the door was because someone was pissed that Mikey was parking his car on the street. Of course everyone parks on that side of the street. Mike took the complaint to the police, and they said they had been called about this same person before. WACKY, CRAZY. MORONS!

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