Cable TV + Internet Installed

A week ago I had Time Warner Cable installed and for the first time in 5 years I have TV to watch. Yes it is true I have been able to live without TV. So if I have been so anti TV why am I now getting over 100 channels of pure digital enjoyment? Well in this crazy world we live in it would cost me MORE to just get cable internet then to get both cable internet + cable tv. This is because of the Time Warner introductory package deal, whatever. At any rate now I can watch the news at night, that and 50 free movie channels for 3 months. I got rid of ASDL (the reason I was without internet access) because I am getting rid of my phone line. They installed the cable tv last week but could not install the cable internet because the cable was not strong enough to pump the broadband connection. I had to get a letter from my landlord for Time Warner to put in new cable. They did today and I am back online. Since I now have a cell phone I do not need the land line (or the telemarketing phone calls). Paying for a phone line that I do not use is such a waste of money. I was paying $100/month for the phone line and ASDL connection. I am now paying $60/month for a technically faster line and enough TV channels that I have become a total couch potato. So much so I feel like singing the song Couch Potato from Weird Al.

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