Classes Back in Session

Classes are back in session. The paper is back to a daily publishing schedule. My responsibilities are back to there "normal" state. No more "laid back" atmosphere for me. But I don't mind it, I work good under the pressure. Right now I am training our new graduate student. He is a CS student, per usual, and will be doing graphic design type work. I sometimes question why we get CS graduate students. But it is nothing new. His name is Tianjun Xu, and he knows HTML so I do not have to teach him that. He has so far learned the web PDF workflow so we now have a PDF Archives section to the BG News site. Tianjun learns really quickly which helps. The other thing I have been doing a lot lately is Documentation. UGGGGG. I don't like it. I have gotten used to it over the years tho. I am writing docs for both The BG News as well as the grad student and web staff. Another thing I must say I am impressed with is how much the News staff is so into the web site. It is nice. This is the first News staff that has been so into working on the web site. I am very pleased with that. It makes my job a lot easier, thats for sure. Classes might be back in session but I am not. I decided not to take classes this semester. I will most probably take classes next semester.

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