Fed up with Windows

I have had it! I am fed up with Windows. I am fed up with my PC. I am getting tired of the maintenance. So why did I get a PC in the first place? I thought I would be much more productive with a much faster computer. Well I was wrong. If Apple would have announced the G5 in January when I ordered my PC, I would have gladly waited until it shipped. In my opinion Apple dropped the ball on announcing the new G5 architecture. I suppose getting my new 1 Ghz TiBook has helped in changing my mind about my PC. I now get more work done on my TiBook then on my PC. I just get work done, I don't have to fiddle with anything to then finally get work done (such is the life of using Windows). I don't hate using Windows. My PC is screaming fast and I can do everything I need. Its just a pain. It is the proactive nature of working with Windows. The most annoying is the proactive maintenance needed to thwart the viruses in Windows land. So I have decided I am going to sell my PC. I just get more work done on my Mac. So if you are interested in my PC then give me an email, ken[at]meancode[dot]com.

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