First Paper Done

The BG News first newspaper of the semester went out without a (major) hitch. The Welcome Freshman issue, all 34 pages of it, was done at 7:30. The deadline was 8 PM, so they even made deadline.

We have been testing a PDF workflow for about a year now. The summer paper was done all in PDF. Friday's 34 page paper was the first major paper we did without pasting up one page. Production started converting the Quark layouts to PDF, they finished at midnight. Why did it take this long? Font problems with the display ads could major headaches.

But the new editors work well together. And what is so wonderful is the fact that a number of them are interested in the web site. I am so thrilled about this. We are going to have so many things on our site that have not been available before. I have been telling editors for years of these available features, they just have chosen not to listen or care. We now have an editorial board who cares about it. I for one am glad.

A 36 page paper goes out Sunday for Monday. Then the next paper is all of *gasp* 8 pages! Hmm maybe no ads were left for paper #3 for the semester, I wonder?


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Your welcome freshman issue is only 34 pages? Man, when I was at the Emerald, our first issue for the year (Our "Back to Books" issue) was always over 100 pages.

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