Go Home and Recharge

I am not refering to dinner this time. When I get home from work I plug in my TiBook if I took it that day, my iPod, my Palm m505 and my cell phone. And I wonder why my electricity bill is high, lol. I wish the battery in the cell phone lasted as long as the battery in my Palm m505. I looked into the extended life battery but it adds too much to the thickness, that and its $50. I just need to remember to plug it in every nite. Something I must admit is harder to remember then you would think. My iPod can go a couple days without a recharge. Using FireWire to recharge that is such an ingeneous idea too. I only need to recharge my Palm m505 once a week at most. I usually sync it every day tho. You know what else I just realized - I have 4 ways to tell time, my watch, iPod, cell phone, and Palm m505 - all usually on my at all times. If that is not pathetic I don't know what is :-D.

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