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I bought an HP Deskjet 6127 with my current computer purchase. I am guessing that this printer rocks. I do not know yet. That is unfortunate. I cannot get the software installed on my Windows XP box (and I have not had time to try on my Mac yet). I called HP technical support and after being forwarded to a 4th person, named Philip, I recieved some very good support. I am very impressed. I have never had a problem with an HP product, thus have never had to call them. Even though we did not resolve the problem over the phone, Philip was very helpful. Once more, he called me back the next day to tell me he had found a tech doc that explains how to fix the problem I was having. He emailed it to me right away. (I will link it up later). Needless to say I have not had time to look into the problem further. I have had a lot on my plate lately. I just ordered a Linksys router which will put the printer's IP on the same network address range (the problem I was having). The other reason for getting a router is I am getting cable internet. UPDATE: I can print from OS X. It is no problem that my Mac has an IP of 207. and my printer's IP is 169. This is the issue with Windows. This printer is AWSOME! It prints wonderfully. It is so nice having an ethernet printer! It just will not work on Windows just yet. The HP tech doc tells how to rout the IP of the printer to the same network address range of the my PC. I don't think this will be an issue once I start using DHCP in my home LAN so it is not worth trying this fix, at least not right now. This is not only a PC only problem. I cannot configure, use the HP tools, in OS X. I can print from OS X, but I cannot configure the printer. I do not understand why I cannot print from my PC even if my printer IP is on a different address range. And I don't understand how I can print from OS X but cannot configure the printer. Oh well. This will probably resolve itself, or one would hope, once I install this Linksys router.

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