Mac users watch from sidelines

Virus attacks are all but non existent on the Mac. Why is this? Why do stupid people feel inclined to write viruses for Windows? Sam Diaz from the Mercury News write "Mac users watch from sidelines."
Rob Enderle, president of the Enderle Group, a Silicon Valley technology research firm, said the new Mac OS -- based on Unix -- is tougher for malicious hackers to get into because the code is not as generic as the Windows code. And it's probably not worth the hacker's time and energy, given the smaller number of computer users who use a Mac.
Thats why. It takes longer to code a virus for the Mac and the user base is small. This is one of my many reasons I like being in the minority when it comes to my computer platform of choice. Thats not to say viruses don't happen on the Mac. I remember a number of Mac viruses. The Mac viruses I can remember did not cause the mischief that the most recent Windows based viruses have. Code Red, I Love You, SQL Slammer, MS Blaster, Sobig.F. Those are the most recent ones I can remember. The last Mac virus I had was one called the Autostart worm, and to make yourself immune meant turning off the Autostart feature of QuickTime. Microsoft (go figure) Word viruses and Macro viruses on the Mac are the largest threats. This is because of Visual Basic Macros in Word. It does not get to the annoyance level of any of the above mentioned Windows viruses though. Not even close. For this *great* feature of Microsoft Office (VB Macros) I have been deleting or not installing VB and the Macros features/extensions of Office since Word 6 and Office 4.2.1. Believe me when I say Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is not worth it. And those annoying Word Macro worms that work under Windows work the same way on the Mac. So here is some advice: do not install the VBA stuff in Office for Mac (any version). I can't remember the amount of times I have salvaged someone's paper because YOU CAN turn off the VBA and Macro features of Mac Office. Yet another reason to use the Mac. Imagine that. So is it a smarter business decision to use a Mac? You save time (therefor money) not having to be offensive and/or defensive about viruses.

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