MB Blaster Worm and the "Fix" Worm

I think it is so great that we now have "good" worms to patch "bad" worms. That just cracks me up. Well thankfully I did not contract either of these viruses. This is the entire reason I bought a screaming fast PC, so I could worry if my anti virus software could handle the job. Wonderful. If Apple had announced the G5 tower 6 months prior I probably would not have bought a PC in the first place. But then this site wouldn't be half as much fun, and I would not have been able to come to the conclusion myself of what a pain the upkeep of a Windows based computer is. I am getting so tired of updating virus definitions. Unfortunately a number of my friends got the MS Blaster worm and I was able to tell them how to get rid of it. I knew how to do this because I had at the time already disinfected one persons laptop. Its fun fixing a friend's PC of a virus when said friend bashes you for being a Mac User :-P. Another friend was able to disinfect his own computer once I showed him the instructions off of Sophos's Web Site. Of course wouldn't it just be easier to keep your computer up to date, run a firewall, and a good anti virus package? Ohh, but that's too much work. Macs don't get viruses. But server logs sure fill up with requests FROM viruses. It is not hard to tell when a big virus has it out for Windows like January's SQL Slammer virus or this month's MS Blaster. It is a pain in the butt when you are dealing with apache log files on a regular basis. If anything it has made be brush up on my Perl and Reg Ex a lot. I do not care how much faster my PC is compared to my laptop or the computers I use at work. The fact that Windows is held hostage to viruses all the friggin time makes any kind of speed advantage seem like a moot point. Why on earth should I have to proactively defend my computer? Why should I have to worry about being infected by the latest Windows worm? Not having to deal with this ONE thing makes the Mac a much smoother user experience. People hate Windows and Bill Gates. That is apparent enough in this latest MS Blaster worm (I just want to say LOVE YOU SAN!! billy gates why do you make this possible ? Stop making money and fix your software!! ) I do not have to convince any one of that. So why does the Mac OS have a virtually clean slate when it comes to virus attacks? I know some people who hate the Mac OS as much as others hate Windows. So I am not convinced myself that people don't write viruses for the Mac OS because the don't hate it. I am willing to bet there are more people that hate the Mac OS then hate Windows and/or Bill Gates. So why is it? Is it because the holes and exploits in Windows are that much easier to get to? Is it because the notion of infecting less then 5% of the user base is not rewarding enough? I think it is a combination of the two. The Mac OS market share is not very large so the percent of infected people hardly seems worth the effort. It has also been a known fact that Windows holes run deeper and are left unfixed for far longer time periods then those found in the Mac OS. I just updated my virus definitions for the day and ran a sweep on my hard drive on my PC, and Sophos tells me there are no viruses. What a wonderful feeling. Sometimes I am so glad I bought a PC.


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