New 15" TiBook 1 Ghz

I have had my new TiBook for almost two weeks and I love it. I am really glad I did not wait for a new aluminum model, who knows when that will ship. I have already had some reasons to boot into OS 9, so I am glad I did not get the 12" model. This is the 4th revision of the Titanium. That was another reason I did not wait for the 15" aluminum model. The 15" AlBook will be a rev. 1 model again :mad: . The differences between my original TiBook 500 and this 1 Ghz model are staggering, and I am not talking about the speed gains or the better screen resolution - although those make a big difference. I wish i could photograph the differences in the quality of the new screen. I put the two TiBooks side by side and the photo didn't come out so well, so I will just have to describe it. This new TiBook has a much improved viewing angle. I did not really notice the problems until I started using my new TiBook to see the differences. The new screen is so much brighter and also a lot crisper. The old TiBook seems dull and gray compaired to the new one. And the added screen resolution is really nice. I have heard that the fan in the 1 Ghz TiBook was loud, I have read many posts on boards about this very subject. Either people whine a lot or I have a very quiet TiBook. This new 'Book is nowhere near as loud as my first TiBook. Not even close. And when the fan comes on you actually feel air flowing out of the side air vents, something that didn't happen on the original TiBook. I have also heard the 1 Ghz TiBook gets hot. People stop your bitching please! Do you need some cheese with your whine? This new model does not get anywhere near as hot! On the original TiBook the entire bottom case got HOT. Not anymore. There is a rectangular plate on the bottom of the new TiBook that gets warm. But it does not get close to the tempature that the old TiBook got. I am very impressed. Other then the plate on the bottom of the case, it doesn't look like much has changed in case design. One small keyboard change, which happened in the rev. 2 TiBook, but worth mentioning nontheless is the replacement of the Enter key on the right of the spacebar with a second Command key (as with the Pro Keyboard). I no longer have to remap the keyboard now! The mechanism that loads CD's has changed and I am glad of that considering the amount of issues owners of the original TiBook models had with the optical drive. Talking about the optical drive, it sure is nice to burn CD-R's w/o plugging in an external burner! I cannot tell you how nice this is! I do not understand why in this day and age the PowerBook (all models) can only burn at 8x for CD-R. I am sure this has something to do with the fact that it is also a DVD-R as well. 8x is slow when I have been used to my 12x Sony Spressa and my 48x LITE ON that is in my PC. But it is not a complaint at all, being able to burn a CD in my TiBook is so convienent. The speed difference between my old 500 Mhz and my new 1 Ghz TiBook is amazing. This was expected of course. But the real difference is the ATI 9000! I now have Quartz Extreme (QE) where as my old TiBook did not support QE at all. In its 4th incarnation the Titanium PowerBook G4 is a mature beast. I am very glad I bought it and did not wait. Something else I am sure that will be addressed with the new 15" PB, but would have been nice to see after 4 revisions: a second FireWire port. It looks like there is room. That is the only thing I wish this TiBook had. I do not really care about AirPort Extreme, FireWire 800. or built in Blue Tooth.

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I think that the heat issue people complained about was for the 12" model, i may be wrong though :-D

And as for noise, I'm sick of pissy apple owners moaning about that! Macs do make noise.. but it's impossible to keep them cool without, the noise is nothing in comparison to an AMD machine with an exhaust fan, PSU fan, fast/large CPU fan, case fan, hdd fan and gfx card fan.

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