New Loot for Student Pub

One of the best parts of my job is being in charge of purchases for Student Publications. This surely has its benefits. The only thing that is irritating about this is occasionally something is bought without a consultation with me. And unfortunately that usually ends up as a very bad decision. But hey, nothing is perfect. Some purchases are needed and some are just wanted. The latest hardware purchases and these new software purchases were very needed. The computers in the news room were 5 years old. And we all know how much you can "upgrade" a Mac. Quark 6 has been ordered, although is not in yet. We are not planning on moving to Quark 6 until January but both the Production Manager and I need to time to learn it enough to support it. Since We are getting rid of all the SCSI based Macs in the Production we needed a new USB based scanner. The $79 Canon CanoScan LiDE 30 just came in yesterday and it does a great job, its a lot nicer then the ScanMaker that production was using. The last of my recent purchases falls into the "want" category. But before you judge, listen to my story. We are not getting new film scanners that are FireWire based (USB film scanners blow). So we need a SCSI based Mac in the news room for the photo desk. My goal in all this was to get rid of anything beige in the news room and production room. I also wanted to use on of those snazzy new eMacs at my desk. So I bought a $89 adaptec SCSI card for my 400 Mhz G4 tower that is currently sitting on my desk. This makes the photo desk a G4 and not a G3. So every one wins, and for under $100 for a SCSI card. I get an eMac to use that is twice the speed as my current work computer, and the photo guys didn't have to live with the ugliest, slowest computer in the news room. :-D Our push to OS X is almost complete. Unfortunatly the final step has a $3,000 price tag on it. It is called Baseview: NewsEdit Pro, ClassFlow, DragX and QTools. I am glad we are not taking AdManager Pro and WireManager to OS X!!

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