No More Land Line

No more SPAM phone calls, or as other people call it, telemarketing. I got a cell phone a few months ago and I have since disconnected my land line. At first I was not happy about loosing my ASDL, but I can say I am very happy with Cable. My node must not be saturated because I get insane speeds I only dreamed about with ASDL. On top of that it costs me half what ASDL did. So lets do some math. My Verizon bill used to about $100 for local calls, long distance and ASDL. I then had to pay Dacor for the internet access $24.95 a month. So about $125 a month for phone and internet. What I thought was ridiculous is that just the line and local calling was $40 out of the bill! My Verizon Wireless bill is on average (over the past 3 months) $45 and my Cable Internet + Cable TV is $68. I shaved about $10 a month off my budget but I added Digital Cable. Not bad. Getting rid of the SPAM phone calls is worth more then the savings or having cable TV though. Having a cell phone is so wonderful. For years I swore up and down that I would not get one, but now my cell phone is like my microwave, I cannot carry on day to day tasks without it.

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