The TiBook is sold

It seems the classified I put on the site proved usefull. A political consultant driving through Ohio bought my old TiBook yesterday. What is the great part is I did not have to pay to get the CD-ROM fixed! But the best part is that this guy who bought my TiBook is a "Switcher." This is his first Mac and he seemed rather pumped about OS X. I wish this young guy lots of luck with his "new" computer and new Operating System. I also today sold my old HP printer to a college friend of mine. It is great to get these two boxes out of my attic and it is also great that someone else finds use out of these "old" things. Of course we all know "old" in the computer world is not that old at all.

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Cool, I would say that I "hope" the guy enjoys his new toy/machine.. but I know that he will :-D

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