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Wow. Unigraphics has a web site after all these years! And I am hosting it. Kurt Cruse has done a great job at putting together a Flash web site. I still have to install a FormMail CGI and there are other things that Kurt has to finish with the site but it is well on its way to get finished. Personally I would not create a Flash only site. We all know how I feel about Flash, and having ONLY a Flash based web site is something that scores a thumbs down with me. Nonetheless it has turned out to be a very nice Flash site. It would have been nice to get unigraphics.com but EDS owns the site and uses it to redirect to this. :sad: On the bright side its nice having "BGSU" in the URL. So they finally decided on bgsugraphics.com.

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jeffcolombo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

do you know of someone that can program a stocklisting program for UG?

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