What, me worry?

David Zeiler for The Baltimore Sun penned a column "What, me worry?" about this same subject: Macs and viruses.
As the latest Microsoft Windows infection spread across the Internet last week, knocking out thousands of PCs in homes and businesses, Macintosh users did what they usually do during a computer virus outbreak -- they continued working.
But more than two years after its introduction, not a single Mac OS X-specific virus has yet appeared.
Not bad odds if you ask me.
While Windows also has a built-in firewall, by default it has been turned off. In the wake of the Blaster worm, Microsoft said last week that new versions of Windows XP will ship with the firewall active by default.
Well that is a great idea Microsoft! Who thought of that? I just love looking through my PC's firewall log files to see how many things have been blocked. So it seems the questions is wether Mac OS X is any less vulnerable then Windows XP. Yes it is much less vulnerable. One reason has already been established. Mac users are in the minority of the market. There are also so many holes left open with the default install of Windows that if not blocked up will eat you alive. This has nothing to do with the features of the different Operating Systems, it has to do with how they come "out of the box." That alone makes Windows much more vulnerable.
Take the Blaster worm, for example. Microsoft, based in Redmond, Wash., learned of the hole on June 27 and issued a patch to fix it on July 17. Millions of Windows systems were vulnerable on Aug. 12 only because their owners failed to download and install the patch. Though Microsoft frequently is berated for releasing vulnerable software, the reality is that 95 percent of malware attacks take place after a corrective patch becomes available.
Sad but true. This happens all to often with Windows viruses.

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