800 MB CD-R

Well this is total crap! Mac OS X 10.2.6 does not recognize a 800 MB CD-R. The Finder thinks it is 660 MB and Toast 6 (Review to come soon) thinks it is a 710 MB CD-R. So I have found ONE thing that my Mac cannot do that my PC can. That stinks. I am going to email both Roxio and Apple about the 800 MB CD-R report. I also know a couple Apple reps. on campus that I can bring this up with. BTW, if you want a great place to buy blank media, check out cdrdvdrmedia.com.

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I always thought that for discs over 700mb (ie: the standard size) only worked in certain drives due to laser precision and size etc.. I may be wrong though :-D

Oh I am sure you are correct, I just am ranting :-P .

Well, while you are writing - why don't you mention the fact that when Apple systems create hybrids - more often than not - the FAT on the windows site is corrupted...

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