A Letter to Ahead Regarding Nero 6

Letter by James Kimble a.k.a. Techisattva (Jim also reviewed the Tungsten T Scuba Sleeve Case)
Hello, I\'m writing in order to register a complaint with regard to your recently introduced Nero 6 Ultra Edition product. I am currently an owner of Nero 5 and use it regularly in my work for the creation of everything from simple file archives to hybrid cds to VCDs and DVD presentations, and was happy to see that you were releasing a new version of your software with even more features, tools, and hardware support. I downloaded your demo to test it out and, I must say, I was very disappointed. It seems that, much like Roxio, your company has moved away from developing a suite of professional tools, to building eye-candy laden toys for the digitally challenged. One of the reasons I preferred and recommended your software was the ability to choose either the simple wizard-driven creation mode or the full-featured development mode. After looking around, clicking on just about every part of the interface that looked to hold promise, I found that rather than being the next generation of your product, I was stuck with a Windows FP (Fisher-Price) interface with no way to turn it off. I\'ve spoken with several friends and contacts who use your product and, while some are less sure as to what they are going to be using in place of Nero, none are pleased with your latest product. For my part, I respectfully hope that you will give your customers the option to turn this sort of screen garbage off and return to a more professional-grade interface. If not, and I haven\'t simply missed an area of your new found facination with bevel, emboss, drop-shadow, and gaussian blur - but if this is the sort of product you are going to be putting out, I\'m afraid you\'ve lost a customer. Thank you for your time and consideration. Tathata, Techisattva
I really like the Nero 5 interface. I like Nero more then Toast. It is a very good application because it has a very good interface. It is all to often that new versions of software seem to have eye candy bells and whistles and not useful bells and whistles. The developer puts a pretty face on something to make it "more user friendly" and succeeds in not only alienating the current user base, but also makes it more difficult to get the job done, a job that was easier completed in the previous version of the software. Sometimes this manifests itself in only parts of software. But Nero 6 seems to be an exception. I was thinking of upgrading, the Toast 6 upgrade was well worth it after all (drafting a review right now). I had not yet downloaded the demo until I got this email from Jim. I just had to see if for myself. No thank you. Its almost enough to make the want to use EZ Coaster Creator (HA HA, just kidding). Just a boot note: There are no screen shots of Nero 6 on the Ahead site.

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Que sera sera! We looked at it recently also... :=D :-P

http://burnatonce.com <-- I haven't used nero in months :=D

(yes, it was v6 that put the final nail in the coffin)


Just out of curiosity, have you heard back from them about this?

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