Back in Toast 4

Way back in Toast 4 when you wanted to clear the contents of the toast window, wether it was a disc image or a data CD or whatever, you could use Command+Delete (being the same keyboard shortcut to trash something in the Finder, it makes sense). In Toast 5, and now in Toast 6, you have to use Clear from the Edit menu. And the Clear command does *not* have a keyboard shortcut! Why would you take a feature out of software? Especially something as useful as Clear. Hmmm. Panther (OS 10.3) is going to have a great solution for all these little "why is there no keyboard shortcut for this" gotchas. It will be part of the Keyboard preference. I could wait until then or I could get QuicKeys X2. I own QuicKeys 5 for OS 9, and do miss it. I might upgrade. QuicKeys X (the initial OS X release) and QuicKeys X.5 was not that exiting. This could go into another rant, once I need to dedicate to Mac OS X... QuicKeys X2 still does not have all the features QuicKeys 5 for OS 9 did. Do you see where this is headed? Mac OS X *still* does not have all the features that OS 9 did. Labels anyone?

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