Bayesian Spam Filtering

I am getting tired of people asking me what bayesian spam filtering is. Bayesian filtering is friggin cool, thats what it is! I guess OS X Mail does not have it, it has "adaptive latent semantic analysis" and it does not work. Well it works halfway well. Go to this very well written expiation of bayesian spam filtering on Now stop asking me what bayesian spam filtering is. Thank you.

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yay for bayesian filtering :-D
Its used in the ThunderBird mail client (from which is what I use, the only other client I know that uses it is Outlook2003 (yeck) :-D

A friend of mine is a beta tester for Office 2003 (no, i am not kidding, sad isnt it) so I got to see Outlook 2003 a few months ago. Ill take the OS X experience over built in bayesian filtering any day. I still am thinking of trying MailSmith (from Bare Bones) and SpamSieve works with that. SpamSieve is a bayesian filtering app for OS X.

I am not supprised that Thunderbird has bayesian filtering, that browser sure is a gem.

haha, I tested Office 2003... well, I say tested, I mean microsoft mailed me around 15 cd's over the beta duration and I shoved them in a cupboard :-P
I do have Office 2003 now though, but I can't stand Outlook, even if I was to use all the features of it, I still find it to be rather un-friendly.

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