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Last week I checked the web logs for bgnews.com and in the referrer log I find this site, from Capital Advantage. They are using our name and our site template all without our say so. I do not know how, but they are driving traffic to their site, and therefor to our site. They are in the top 5 referrer sites for us. In this case this is not cool because we did not ask for it. But they are not a partner of us, nor are a partner with Digital Partners. I sent a cease & desist email of which I did not get a response from. My next step was a snail mail letter. Well I am not the only person that looks at referrer logs because we got an email from Kent Strickland, BGSU's Information Security Officer. He noticed that Capital Advantage is using our name, not legally I might add. After emailing back and forth with Kent both Bruce Petryshak, the CIO, and Toby Singer, the Executive Director of ITS are now notified. And getting help from the university's lawyers will be no problem. This could not have worked out better, the university is going to help us with this matter before I even had the chance to ask for their help. I only wonder how many other college news sites are being taken advantage of from Capital Advantage. It isn't right they are ripping the code off our web site and placing their own content in the "body" of the page. I will update when anything new comes up.

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I just tried to check out the BGSU page on Capitol Advantage. You guys must have done something right because they have taken the site down already, with this message: "This service is temporarily disabled. Please contact Bowling Green State University for information on site status."

Pretty cheap of them to steal from the BG News in the first place, I think.

Yep I got it taken care of pretty quick once I found out who was behind it. I need to blog about this, but have not had time yet.

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