Cease & Desist, Part 2

Now for the really big twist that no one saw coming: The Capwiz web site was developed as a test portal with the approval of Larry Weiss. The last time I checked the only one to approve the use of The BG News name was my boss, Bob Bortel. Thanks to Kent Strickland I found out that Larry Weiss, Associate Vice President for University Advancement and Director of Alumni and Governmental Affairs, is behind all this. Larry Weiss is responsible for University relations and governmental affairs, he is a lobbyist. Once I had his name I called him and let him know I was not happy to have our web site ripped off! Not to mention we as a newspaper do not support the crap they were placing in our template. Mr. Weiss started drawing a shady picture for me on the phone. This company, Capital Advantage, had put a demo together for the University, a private demo, and Larry did not know why they chose to rip off the code from bgnews.com. Larry told me that they thought bgnews.com was a news site about BG, as in Bowling Green, and NOT a news site. Now that is total bull shit. Does bgnews.com NOT look like a newspaper? Does a site about a city have a Sports, Opinion or Arts & Entertainment section? Come on! Total horse shit. He told me the site would be down that day. I gave him my number so he could call and let me know when it was taken down. A few hours later I got a call from Mr. Weiss's assistant. She had no idea that this site had moved so many eye balls to our site. She has no idea why they chose our site to rip off for this private demo. Private my ass. I have more then 1000 visits from that "demo site." This assistant, nore Mr. Weiss seem to have any idea what went wrong here. Hell even Kent Strickland was agreeing with me. Kent had put in an incident report with Exodus Cable & Wireless to have them take down the entire Capital Advantage site. I kind of wish their site had been taken down before we found out about Larry Weiss. Once Kent found out about Larry he had Exodus Cable close the incident. Do you think that Larry Weiss has any idea about this? Do you think that Capital Advantage has any idea about this? I gotta say this though, Larry Weiss did a great job at taking this site down in a very timely fashion once I talked to him. I did my best to be professional on the phone and I think I did a good job talking to both Larry and his assistant, but man I gotta say I was pissed off. I was hot. My boss was hot. From talking to Kent, he was hot about it too. And I guess this ruffled the feathers with Bruce Petryshak and Toby Singer as well. So I feel pretty good. I got this issue resolved. My boss is happy, I am happy. If someone steals copywrite material, wether it be content or design, I am going to pursue it the same way I went after this. They had no right to use our name, I don't care if it was only for a "demo."

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Damn, man. Sounds like a mess. Keep on fighting the good fight, man!

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