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I found this File Association Lookup site while trying to find a good way to change file associations in OS X, because if you don't know, no good way exists yet. In OS 9 you could change these easily. In OS X you have to get info on an app, change the file association, and click the "Change All" button. I want a UI akin to the File Types tab of the Folder Options dialog in Windows. That is a feature of Windows that I really like. Mac OS X has gone away from metadata, which is in some ways sad, and some ways good (See ArsTechnica for good insight on this). Since OS X has done away with the File Type & Creator codes, well lets be honest, the OS has done away with them, many, *many* applications still use them. But since the OS has gotten rid of them, and gone the more Windows-esk way of thinking, shouldn't OS X have a dialog like File Types in Windows? We now rely on the three letter extension in Mac OS X just as much as Windows users do. Wouldn't it make sense to have a centralized way to edit the file types, and the applications that launch?

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