First Impressions of the G5

My first impressions of using the G5 are based in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 (DW MX 2004), and generally using Mac OS X. Dreamweaver As I stated, I could not install University software, so I downloaded and installed the demo of DW MX 2004. This is a great application to test the new G5 on since DW in general is one of the slowest applications on Mac OS X. I would really like to have tested DW MX, but as I said I could not get University owned software to install. You see DW is made up of mostly HTML, JavaScript, and XML files, there is little to it that is written in C. Web pages render slower on a Mac then they do in Windows, that is a fact. This is why DW has always been slower on a Mac. I have been using DW MX on my PC at home for 8 months now, and I am really happy to say that DW MX 2004 seems as snappy on this G5 as it does on my 3.06 Ghz P4 at home. The thing that takes the longest to load, both on Mac and PC is the DW Extensions. When you click the triangle in the panel to list all the available extensions, this menu takes a while to load. Nope, not at all, very fast. When you open the Reference Panel it also takes a while for it to load the reference., also very fast on the G5. Overall DW on the G5 feels like using it on my PC at home. It is snappy and can keep up with me. This is more than can be said about DW MX 2004 on my 1 Ghz TiBook, or any other G4 I have used DW on. Mac OS X Using Mac OS X on the G5 is the way Mac OS X was meant to be used. Everything is more responsive then using a G4. As it should be! What I was most impressed with was the speed in which the G5 navigated remote volumes, either being OS 9 based AppleShare volumes, OS X volumes, or SMB volumes. This is one headache I have on a G4, navigating remote volumes. I realize that part of the time it takes has to do with the network and traffic, but it is noticeably snappier on the G5. Everything is faster, When you change preferences in System Preferences, when you launch and quit applications. It is all so much more enjoyable. Apple and IBM really did a great job with the G5, I only wish this had come to market about 6 to 8 months ago. I doubt I would have bought a PC if it had. I cannot wait to see Mac OS 10.3 running on the G5! After seeing how much faster 10.3 runs on a G4, I am sure it will be leaps and bounds faster on the G5. More Testing I have a great opportunity here. I have been wanting to do this since I heard the announcement this summer of the G5. I want to comparison test my Alienware P4 against this G5. My initial thoughts are to test Photoshop 7, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Acrobat 6, InDesign 2 and Quark 6. This is a mix of applications I use for my business, and applications used at Student Publications. I would like to get some test results that are more then just numbers though. I want to get some numbers, so I am going to have to figure a way to accurately record those. But I am more concerned with just using the G5 and the P4 to get a specific process or set of processes accomplished. To me that is worth more then just plain numbers. If you have any ideas on doing testing like this, recording accurate numbers and such, I am all ears. Please let me know. I am also going to need some test documents. LARGE Photoshop files, complex InDesign and Quark documents. I should have little problem finding these from here within Student Publications, but if you would like to contribute some yourself that would be wonderful. I only wish I had a fresh clean install of Windows XP. I know that when I got my PC in January it was a lot snappier then it was now. Maybe I should format it and install all the software. HA HA had you going for a second there. There is no way I would want to do that! If you have any info on conducting these kinds of comparison tests (URLs or otherwise) please let me know, and if you would like to contribute a file to be tested head to head, P4 vs. G5, let me know as well. Thanks!

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