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Since I have finally decided to become a pod person and buy an iPod, (although I could not justify a new Beetle as well) I now have a good reason to check out all those cool iPod web sites that meant nothing to me before. The two iPod Web sites I check out most often is iPodlounge.com and iPodHacks.com. I know there are other iPod sites out there, but these are all I need for news and reviews of everything iPod and iTunes related. iPodLounge.com is where I first read about the eXo iSkin and the PocketDock. I have an iSkin and I love it. I see that this case just received a Tom's Best Editors Choice Award (that would be Tom's Hardware Guide for the uninitiated). Rightfully so I would say. It is a wonderful case. I also pre-ordered (just paypal'd it today actually) the PocketDock from SendStation. I cannot wait to get that little gizmo. I got both of these great accessories because of the exposure on iPodLounge.com, so check them out. iPodLounge also keeps up on the latest software and accessories that are available or soon to be available, and they list great deals too! iPodHacks.com is actually quite the same but It has some off the wall hacks, as well as some usefull hacks, that iPodLounge does not have. Both sites have great message boards too. Since I am an iPod nOOb these two sites are a lot of help.

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iPodLounge is great to find information about the iPod. If you are looking for deals on accessories for your iPod, check www.zipods.com.

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