My Dead Palm m505

I called Palm tech support about my m505. It will cost me $25 to talk to them. Fine. If they don't resolve the issue they do not charge me. Great. They had me do a battery reset when the Palm was in the cradle (two soft resets while plugged in). Then I had to charge it for 4 hrs. That did not help. It is dead. They will service it for $125 though. I don't think so. The tech gave me 20% off a new Palm. Of course this does not include the Tungsten series. I can, however, get $20 off the Palm Zire. So I bought the Zire ($99 MSRP) and am selling it. Maybe to Brian's friend, maybe to someone else. That is a deal I could not pass up. Unfortunately my m505 goes in the trash with no hope of getting data off of it. The lost passwords are not worth a $125 and only a chance at that price. I only got some of my passwords moved to my FileMaker Mobile database, not all of them. So now I am rebuilding my passwords database. If this happens again, I will not loose my passwords file. I will have the FileMaker file on my hard drive. I have not got an email back from Stand Alone (makers of Password Store, and app I will never use again, unless they tell me where my passwords are) either. That I am not happy of. They do have a phone number on their Web site though, so next I will be calling them. I would think the passwords file, probably encrypted somehow, gets sync'd to the host desktop. When I sync the Palm it does say "Backing up Password Store." I can still hope.

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Use SplashID and you don't have these silly problems, Ken... sheesh. :-P

No thanks, looked into that one a while ago, I am now using FileMaker Mobile, and now i have it both on my PDA and my Laptop.

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