New 15" PowerBooks, Bluetooth keyboard

The rumors have been around forever. It turned out to be true that Apple would introduce the aluminum 15" PowerBook in Paris at AppleExpo. Apple sure has been busy lately, they just introduced a 20 and 40 GB iPod. I am very happy with my 30 GB iPod. I am happy with only 5 GB of music on my iPod to be perfectly honest. It's not like the iPod has a search function! It takes long enough to scroll through 5 GB of artists names as it is. The announcement of the bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard was another rumor that came true today. No recharging station for the mouse? Come on Kensington does that. No two button mouse? No scroll wheel? This is another really sleek looking piece of Apple Crap. Apple prides itself on innovation, "Our strategy at Apple is to innovate," they only go half way. Using Bluetooth is innovating, OK, how about getting away from the AA batteries. Just a thought. I am not paying $60 for a mouse that has one button when I can get something from Kensington or Logitech that has multiple buttons and a scroll wheel for about the same price. The thing I do not like about the new aluminum 15" PB is the ports on the right and left side. The ports on the right side bother me more. That is where my mouse goes. Its a trade off though. You get a new hinge system, but the ports cannot be on the back. That is one of the things I did not like about the 17" PB design, one of the main reasons I did not get it. I am really glad I got the Titanium 15" PB before they released the aluminum one. I just had to wait till they released it to post this stuff. FileMaker Pro is still not as nice to use in OS X then in OS 9. So being able to boot into OS 9 for FMP, and other things, is one of the reasons I decided not to wait till this new aluminum 15" PB came out. I also got a heck a good deal. It would cost me $1000 more to get a similarly equipped 15" Aluminum PB, even with the educational discount. Ill take my rear ports, my OS 9 boot-ability (I do not believe in Classic Mode thankyouverymuch) and my major summer price cut over built in Bluetooth (low cost addition through USB), 802.11g (easily added through a PCMCIA card if need be), and a somewhat faster processor (I am willing to bet its not a huge leap in speed).

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