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I changed a couple sections, and added a couple more. This was mainly because the Commentary section was getting to general, and things were not categorized well. There is now separate sections for Mac & Windows Software, and separate sections for Mac & Windows Commentary. The new section Geek Speak has been created for posts that have to do with both Mac & Windows, and general Technology. I created a section for the Friday Five. They are just five questions to write about on Fridays. I will start this Friday, hopefully :-D. The last new section was created to make fun of SPAM, called SPAM Watch. There may be a couple posts that are not in the correct section. I tried to re-categorize them all, but I am sure I missed some. I will create images for these section pages later, maybe later today :-P. Oh and I also decided to be more specific as to "whatever pops into my head." As you can now see it now reads "a fresh cocktail of technology, media & culture views." Wouldn't that drink get your head spinning!

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