New Client: Grad Student

Thanks to another Art Grad Student, Walter, I have a new client. Isn't word of mouth wonderful! My new client has one of those nice 17" flat panel iMac's, they are so purdy. We got a lot accomplished in two days. Starting from scratch is usually the best bet when a Mac OS has things missing that shouldn't be. So I started by backing up her data to CD, then installed OS 9.2.2 and OS 10.2.6. Hopefully she can stay in OS X, it makes things less confusing, but just in case OS 9 is installed as well. I also got her Epson all-in-one installed and working, and Microsoft Office X installed. Next time I will start teaching how Mac OS X works and installing more of her software, and training her on how to use that as well. Funny thing about the MS Office X install. I will have to make that a separate post. I think I need to advertise in the two local papers about doing this kind of work. It is really easy as I have been training people how to use computers and peripherals for years now.

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