New G5 at Work

Today was a wonderful day. ITS brought our Dual 2 Ghz G5 that we ordered, ordered way back when they were announced. I am so glad that Virginia Tech got theirs first :-P. This thing is fast! It better be for the price! It is also very quiet, especially compared to the Mirrored Door Drive (MDD) model, even quieter then the Quicksilver model. The model we ordered is like I said the dual 2 Ghz, with 2 GB RAM, and we decided it was not worth the money to get the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, so it only has the ATI 9600. This is no slouch of a video card though. It can handle the highest resolution of the 21" CRT we bought, and it can even push the screen saver "Flurry" set as the Desktop Background. Not bad at all, I'd say. Since the news and production is not using OS X yet, this computer is mine to "test" until the switch over to OS X. I am shooting for that switch over to happen in January but only time will tell. So this is for the time being my desk, myself and my graduate assistant gets to use this. Oh how much fun I am going to have :-D. One small problem though... All of the University Keyed software does not seem to install on the G5. I do not know if this is the fault of the G5 or OS 10.2.7 which ships installed on the G5. All I know is that when I try and launch an installer for any University packaged software (anything from Photoshop to Fetch) I get an error message that states "This installer requires 4092 K of Memory." Hmmm, last I checked 2 GB was more than 5 MB. Information Technology Services (ITS) uses Stuffit InstallMaker to repackaged the Keyed versions of all University owned software. I have some experience with InstallMaker myself, and I think this is the real reason behind this. I talked to ITS today about this and tomorrow I get to go over to Hayes Hall and try and help them fix this problem. Since Student Publications is the first to get a G5 on campus, I get to be the guinea pig for the rest of campus, how fun! When I learn more about this I will be sure to post it. Next up is a short first impressions post about my first day with the G5.

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*soooooooo* jelous :sad: :=D

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