Not Selling My PC

Yea who saw this one coming :-P. I have decided to keep my PC, for a couple reasons, but the main one is because I need to PC to test my web work. I have moved my mail over to my Mac, I am using Mac OS X Mail. It does not do the best job at taming SPAM, even with the Junk Mail Filter system that was new in 10.2. I do not think I will find anything to compare to POPFile. I would say that OS X Mail is about 75% accurate where POPFile was 98% accurate. I no longer do any of my work on my PC either. I moved all my documents over to my Mac. I don't even back up the data on my PC anymore. Right now I have my TiBook sitting next to my 21" Monitor, I should have done this a long time ago. My Sony 21" Monitor has two inputs so I bought an extra VGA cable, and connected it to my TiBook. Having two monitors again is so nice. I have gotten very used to dual monitors at work. Its great that the TiBook ships with a VGA to DVI converter! Buying one of those from Dr. Bott would not be cheap! Since my keyboard and mouse is wireless, I just keep my PC mouse sitting next to the monitor, and switch to the PC (switch on the bezel of the monitor) to check my work. Its like having a KVM, but not. This setup really works well. And I would not think of selling my PC. Having both a Mac and a PC is nice, that was one of the original reasons I even entertained the notion of buying a PC. And I am still very glad I did. Besides, Knights of the Old Republic comes out for PC the middle of November. I am much more productive since switching back to using my Mac for all my work.

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