One year later; A look back

I have been at Student Publications (as a Staff member) for a year now! I cannot believe it has been a year. I just signed another 1 yr. contract too. Yay :-D. (a non student letter of appointment is a 1 yr. appointment.) I say as a staff member because I have been involved with Student Publications since 1998 when I was a freshman in college. A lot of things have changed. For one, in 1998 there was no web site for The BG News. For a while we hosted it in West Hall, hosted on a Mac. Wow that was a while ago. I used AppleShare IP for a while, and then when Mac OS X Server (the first one, not the current version, the one known as Rhapsody). The process for posting the site took 2 hrs. even with the use of Transporter. My staff was 6 to 8 people and handled posting the news and also posting original content. We used to use NetObject Fusion (NOF) (no longer a Mac product). When Macromedia released Dreamweaver 1.2 we made to switch to it. Dreamweaver 1.0 was still a little on the "not all there" stage. The switch to Dreamweaver was more because NetObjects was discontinuing its WYSIWYG editor for the Mac. Its a shame they did because NOF is a wonderful product, even today.
Side Note: At that time I was involved with Apollon Components, a set of components for NOF. NOF Components are like DW Extensions or GoLive Actions. I provided the Mac Installers, using Stuffit InstallMaker to make them. After Mac support went south I had no reason to be involved with Apollon Project, or with NetObject Fusion.
After about 2 yrs. of producing The BG News site ourselves we partnered with a company that published college newspaper sites. The company was called Campus Engine, and their solution was written in Cold Fusion. At the time I did not know CF but I knew it was cool. It is, indeed a nice language. Campus Engine got bought out by Digital Partners, and we have been with them ever since. Digital Partners uses a PHP template engine called SMARTY, which I love. When partnered, and was given a CMS to use for our site, my web staff went down to two, which was such a nice change (think about managing hours for 6 to 8 college students). But you know what? This semester, Fall 2003 is the first semester that the print staff is publishing the web site. It has taken me 5 years to get the print staff to publish the paper online. It is so nice to not have to put the web site online every day (well ok its nice that I don't have to have my staff to put it online :-P). Now all I have to do is train the print staff how to fill out forms on a web page. That is so much nicer then teaching people HTML! It now takes an hour or less to put the paper online. A lot better then 2 or more hours!

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oh, I remember those days!!! I'd love to see a shot of what the bgnews web site first looked like. ;-D

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