Panic Room

I watched Panic Room last night on cable. It was a pretty good movie, but was hampered by the story putting its characters in some really stupid situations. I am glad I did not see this in the theater because there were many times in the story I was yelling at the TV. There are many places in the story that were just plain dumb. Stupid things like when Meg Altman calls 911 and they say "Please hold." Many times I was saying "That would not happen." The 911 call was just the worst case in the movie. Or how about the daughter with the insulin shots. Plug one of those in one of the robbers and they would be out in a second or two. Other then the hard to believe situations, the movie was pretty good. I would have just been an ass in the theater yelling at the screen. The opening credits were really unique. Very nicely done.

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Sadly, in Big Cities like New York, putting people on hold (for short times) on 911 is not that uncommon. There are too many people, not enough operators, and too many stupid people calling it for non-emergencies. I can't wait until 311 makes a Nationwide rollout so those kinds of stupid calls can be avoided.

I noticed this on IMDB:

Factual Errors: Although 911 operators in New York do, on very rare occasions, put callers on hold, they will send a patrol car immediately if the caller is disconnected. Despite this, it appears to be the husband's call to 911 that alerts the authorities.

See, but they do "occassionally" put them on hold. So they're partly right :)

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