Safari Wish List 09/22/03

Here are the features I would like to see in an update to Safari. (Disregarding any changes I would like to see in WebCore.) * Tab & Print buttons, not third-party, from Apple. * Print Preferences to let you print like every other web browser known to man. What I mean is date stamping the print, and also printing the URL in either the header or footer. Safari prints the background color of web pages. This is opposite of the norm. You usually have to turn that option on. I have also noticed some CSS heavy layouts do not print out nicely. Safari also seems to shrink the width a little too much when printing. Bottom Line: I cannot use Safari to print a page, which is a shame. * Multiple Password Storage: It would be great if Safari could manage multiple passwords for the same web page, a la Mozilla. If I sign in with a different login name and password, Safari can only save the most recently used login. I do not know if this is limited because of Keychain (as this is where the passwords are stored). It would be a great addition to be able to handle password storage like Mozilla. * Bookmark Tab Set: Since Safari has tabs, why not have a Bookmark Tab Set function? I know it is bad to use any browser in comparison, but I am going to have to use Mozilla again. In Safari you can Open in Tabs from a Bookmark Folder, so it is half way there. * Bookmarks/History Sidebar: As much as I like the iTunes like Bookmarks window, there needs to be a sidebar which integrates the bookmarks and the history. Every other browser known to man does this too. * Banner Blocking Preferences: Adding Pop Up/Pop Under Banner Ad blocking to Safari was a smart thing. This could be improved to allow regx style blocking a la OmniWeb. Another OmniWeb preference I like is to block images of the same size as standard banner ads. On this same note, I would like Safari to have the ability to block Flash content. We all know how I feel about Flash. Also posted on BlogCritics.

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