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Purchasing software hurts, all that money gone from my wallet. But since I make money off of the software, the hurt is a bit less. I pre-ordered an upgrade to Studio MX 2004. I cannot wait to get my hands on Dreamweaver MX 2004. The new features in DW really look nice, really nice. It is such a big step to base the entire layout engine on CSS-P. I imagine this will quell my problems with the current version of DW MX. I can't say I like the name, "Dreamweaver MX 2004" doesn't exactly flow. Why not just call it Dreamweaver 7? Ahh well. The Studio is such a great deal though, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and FreeHand. I also ordered the Adobe Design Collection. That is Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, InDesign 2, and Acrobat 6 Pro. Now that I have finally bought Photoshop 7, they can release Photoshop 8. Isn't that how it always works? Buying the Design Collection is also such a great deal. Photoshop alone is $609. And for what platform did I buy this software for? Macintosh. I have given up on Windows and am selling my Alienware rig. No more Educational Discounts. This is the first time I have bought Macromedia or Adobe software without an educational discount. What a difference that makes.

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>> I have given up on Windows and am selling my Alienware rig.

HAHAHA! I like "m0m"...he slams you as much as I do :-P

Yea "m0m" is wonderful isnt "he."

And no it did not break me, nor have i broken it.

I plan to post an elaborate on the subject, at which time you all cant taunt me and call me a gurl if you like :-P .

the maintenence of Windows i speak of is in direct reguard to being used to using a Mac. That is the perspective I am talking about.

But I plan to elaborate.


w00h00. waiting for the read to start the flames a goin'



well you will have to wait a little while, im too busy getting work done on my Mac :-P ;-D

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