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Well we can add another proverbial hats to my job at Student Publications. Last week I was called upon to salvage the Pulse cover (which is color, i.e. more important) because the designer who designed the page did not do a good enough job. All they had was a boot on the front of the Pulse section (otherwise known as Arts & Entertainment). Even though the boot was of awful quality i left it there, and just added some photos, last minute with a digital no less, of the Portage Quarry (the subject of this feature). How could you design a color front to a section and only run a boot at the bottom? The only thing you could see above the fold was a headline, and a column of text. Anyways, I fixed it up. You can check out the PDF if you like. It is by no means great work, but its better then what was planned. Today that same designer quit. Great. So now we have a design for the Pulse section (Matt Ivey does the design) but no one who knows how to put a layout together (they can layout the news, it seems they all lack in layout of a feature). So this time the entire layout was done by me, there was no boot this time, there was nothing. In the process I showed our Pulse Editor, Angela Gorter, a few things about Photoshop and Quark. I will link Friday's PDF once it is created. I have never done layout for the paper. Mainly because it is not my job and I do not have time for it. Lately my job description has been a changing though. So a new hat is more hands on Quark and Photoshop support. Now I am doing one on one training, group training, and both in person and over the phone (for when I am at home and don't want to drive to the newsroom) tech support. To say we have a green staff this year is an understatement. There is one, maybe two people on staff that really understand how to layout a paper. We do not ask them to understand Photoshop and Quark, just enough to get the paper put together Sunday through Thursday. This lack of experience is just that, lack of experience. It is not their fault, they are just green. So we need to fix that, because it is starting to hinder the look of The BG News. The first group training session will be this coming Sunday, and I am hoping things start to click.

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