'This is our Pearl Harbor'

us flag.jpgCheck out the package that 210 West has prepared for the two-years-after of September 11. Be sure and comment on the articles! I can remember September 11 pretty well myself. I was listening to the Bob & Tom show (the best morning talk show) and they got very quiet, very quiet. Now for those who do not know what the Bob & Tom show is, its a comedy show, and there are no moments of prolonged silence. In a very sobering voice Bob & Tom told me, and the rest of people listening at that time, that the Twin Towers were being destroyed by one, and then two airliners. When I got to work someone on the radio announced that a plain had crashed into the Pentagon. That was my morning September 11, 2001. May our friends rest in peace. I have not really taken much time other then the days directly following September 11 to think about what happened. Of course The Media (tm) did not let me forget about it, ot let it get too far out of our minds. But I never really took much time, say last year at this time, to think about all that has happened. Please take some time today to think about the events that transpired on September 11, 2001. Your eyes might well up with tears, your through might sink, but it is worth it to reflect on the one moment that has changed our lives forever. And for us "20 somethings," the "MTV Generations" or "Generations X'ers" nothing has ever in our past changed our lives like September 11, 2001. May our friends rest in peace.

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