TradeKeys no longer free

Tradekeys, as well as other PC Magazine software, is no longer free. I blogged about TradeKeys back in January. Jim Kimble is the one who actually pointed this gem out to me. It is a wonderful tool for changing keys around in Windows (something that can be done with an easy OS 9 or OS X hack). Since I am so used to using a Mac, I changed the Control and Alt keys on my PC with TradeKeys. My friend Maury wanted to do the same thing, switch the Control and Alt keys around. I told him to go to PC Mag's site and download TradeKeys. Now you have to be a subscriber for $15 if you get PC Mag, or $20 if you do not subscribe (to the printed magazine), or pay for a 30 day pass which entitles you to 3 downloads, that option costs $10. It might be worth that $10, but when I downloaded it, the software was free. If I ever have to reinstall Windows (which I am sure I will, from what others have told me) I am going to have to fork over the money to get this application. I understand the need to generate revenue, and everyone is going to a subscription model, Its just irritating to see small utilities like this with big price tags on them, when once they were free to download. You can get a lot more for $10 on the shareware market these days. I just want TradeKeys, not 3 downloads for $10. Does anyone know of other Windows utilities that will remap the keyboard?

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this is all i have found,

for some reason i can't get in but you might, have any luck find it or anything similar yet?


You can remap your keys with Microsoft RemapKey from Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools:

Thanks for the link! It would be even more helpful if I had or wanted another [P]iece of [C]rap.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

I will muddle through Virtual PC.

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