VeriSign Sued; BIND Patched

An Internet search company on Thursday filed a $100 million antitrust lawsuit against VeriSign, accusing the Web address provider of hijacking misspelled and unassigned Web addresses with a service it launched this week.
Source: C|Net
he Internet Software Consortium (ISC), the nonprofit group that publishes BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) software, which runs 80 percent of domain name servers, has released a patch that will block VeriSign Inc.'s new Site Finder service... "We're talking about mail servers and electronic mail and other types of protocol besides Web protocol," he said. "The lack of a reliable indication of nonexistence meant that a lot of people were carrying traffic that they shouldn't, or they were not able to detect spam based on forged sources because there's no longer any such thing as a nonexistent domain -- they all exist now. It rubbed a lot of people the wrong way."
Source: MacCentral It serves them right, the greedy bastards. The worst part of it is that with this Verisign "feature" in place there is no way to tell if email is SPAM or not. I am willing to bet that those morons never thought of that one. I have never really liked Verisign. And when they bought Network Solutions and with that the root .net and .com DNS servers, I really don't like them. This is just another good reason not to like Verisign. Luckily, I am not the only one who feels this way.

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