Adobe PDF Printer Missing in Panther

Here is another problem I did not notice at first. But when I checked, sure enough the Adobe PDF printer was gone from the list of printers. Following these steps worked, I am now able to print to the virtual printer again in Panther. Another great tip from MacFixIt. Yesterday we covered an issue where installing Panther disabled the Adobe PDF Printer virtual printer; we directed readers to an Adobe Forums thread where Adobe had made available a shell script for recreating/reinstalling Adobe PDF Printer. Reader Len Goff passed along a set of manual instructions for recreating this virtual PDF printer: 1. Launch Printer Setup Utility from the Applications/Utilities folder 2. Hold down the Option key and click the Add button in the Printer List Window 3. Select Advanced from the Printer conncetion drop down menu 4. In the Device Field, select Adobe PDF (pdf) 5. For Device Name, type Adobe PDF 6. For Device URI, type pdf:// 7. For Printer Model, select Adobe 8. Click OK

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thank you so much, this tip saved me a lot of time!

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