Apple will fix security flaws in Jaguar

I saw this one coming, and so did most of the Mac community. Those columnists over at C|Net and other tech. sites that just love to pounce on a story and criticize Apple can go shove it. @ Shake found some security flaws with Jaguar, and since Apple did not immediately put out some PR about fixing it, they get nailed with "they are not updating Jaguar because they want you to spend $130 for Panther" bull shit. Know your facts. The flaws that @ Shake can only be detrimental to Jaguar if the person has physical access to the machine, that means they have to be sitting at your computer. Now if someone is sitting at your computer and doing something he should not be, that is YOUR fault not Apple's fault.
Apple Computer Inc. said in a statement given to MacCentral on Friday that the company would be fixing security flaws uncovered in Mac OS X Jaguar by Cambridge, MA-based security research firm @Stake earlier this week. Some have speculated that Apple would not update the older Jaguar operating system since the release of Mac OS X Panther on October 24, 2003, but Apple has put that speculation to rest.
Source: MacCentral It seems that C|Net has even replaced the article bad mouthing Apple with their new article about Apple patching Jaguar. Smart move C|Net, smart move.

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Not that I like the news media or anything like that, but if you look at Apple's history with OS's and parts of OS's (Java for one), they tend to drop support for older OS's a little quicker than Microsoft does. Just look at OS9 for an example.

Having been in the educational software business for a while, it was rather disturbing when stories started circulating Apple was not going to even boot OS9 directly on their 2003 machines.

The Java example is really frustrating for developers who are trying to develop state of the art software for both Windows and Macintosh. We could only use Java 1.2 and I am still convinced that there are TONS of bugs in Apples Java Runtime (2.2.5) that were causing all kinds of null exceptions in places that just were not possible to get null exceptions... Well, maybe not impossible, but certainly not when what was being done at the time of the exception...

It would have helped Apple some if they had said that yes there is a security hole in 10.2. 10.3 has the fix in it and 10.2 will be updated shortly.

I'm actually more amused by the external drives being wiped out during installation of Panther.

I just find all this negative press for Apple a little satisfying after all the negative press about MS.

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