AppleTalk in Panther

This is my biggest gripe about Panther. I could not browse all the AppleTalk zones on campus. Today I found the answer at MacFixIt, which is such a great site for issues like this.
MacFixIt reader Matthew Kelly points out one reason many users are unable to see AppleTalk volumes in the "Network" browser: installing Panther evidently disables AppleTalk in Directory Services. To enable AppleTalk, open the Directory Access utility (in /Applications/Utilities) and enable AppleTalk. (You should also make sure that you've enabled AppleTalk for the network port over which you access your local network.)
Shazam! It worked! Now why in the world does Panther install with AppleTalk turned off? Are they trying give us all a hint? I am sure they are. Apple does not want people using AppleTalk any more. One of the biggest changes in the jump to Mac OS X was using TCP/IP as the basis for networking, not AppleTalk. Mac OS 9 actually started doing this, but not to the extent at which OS X uses it. I would have to agree too, TCP/IP is used by the rest of the world. But to turn AppleTalk off completely in Panther? Why? Our university still uses AppleTalk, and I am sure there are a lot of other places, besides educational institutions that still use AppleTalk as well. Also posted at BlogCritics.


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