College GameDay in Bowling Green

As Stewart Scott would say "This is huge, real huge." Many are calling this game the "most important game in Bowling Green history." It is the first time that there has been a live broadcast from Doyt Perry Field.
"The MAC has been kicking butt the last few weeks," Lion said. "We actually wanted to go to a MAC game for awhile now and with Northern Illinois and Bowling Green doing very well this year ... This was probably going to be the only opportunity for us to actually come to a MAC game. It was always kind of high on our radar screens and when all the pieces of the puzzle kind of fit into place with other teams losing and making those matchups less appealing. So it was like, 'yeah let's pull the trigger and come to Bowling Green.'"
Source: BG News I still get floored when Chris Fowler or any of the other ESPN personalities talks about the MAC and BGSU specifically. But then it has been one heck of a season for the MAC this season. We will see if BGSU can beat NIU at 4 PM, it will be on ESPN 2.

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