Falcons Bowl over Northern Illinois

I forgot to mention one other fact about this game. This is the first time two ranked opponents played each other in the MAC since the 1970's. Josh Harris threw for 438 yards, a Doyt Perry Stadium record, a personal record, and rushed for 89 more, not to mention running in for one touchdown. Except Harris sticks out for everyone but the Unitas Award
According to the award's press release, the finalists are picked by a "select committee of football experts from across the United States." That committee couldn't pick itself out of a mirror.
Source: ESPN.com Some stupid (N. Illinois) fans were saying the only reason that ESPN was at Doyt Perry Field was because of N. Illinois. Yea. Right. That's why every ESPN personality that talked about the game picked the Falcons to win. Oh yea, they did, 43-18. Revenge sure is sweet! Here are some links: Harris throws for carrier-high 438 yards (ESPN.com) Harris steals show on MAC's big night (ESPN.com) Falcons Are 17th in AP Poll, 20th in ESPN/USA Today Poll (BGSUFalcons.com) Bowling Green Tops Northern Illinois In MAC Showdown (BGSUFalcons.com) Game Photo Gallery (BGSUFalcons.com) GameDay Photo Gallery (BGSUFalcons.com) What a great day for BGSU Falcon history! What a great day for sports! The Marlins won the World Series!

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