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I had 3 people ask me how to handle flash detection in their web sites today, And two were phone calls! I should start charging for phone support :-P. As much as I hate Flash, it is useful and fun. But what I really hate is when someone does not have Flash detection, or they have shoddy or malfunctioning Flash detection, that is even worse then not having it at all. I suggest using Macromedia's own Dreamweaver behavior. The Check Plugin behavior only checks if Flash is present, it does not tell what version, etc. The Flash Deployment Kit does check version numbers, as well as can handle upgrading and keeping up to date with the latest build of the Flash plugin (this can be good and bad, as I will explain later).
If you tick the Allow Auto-Update check box in the MM Flash Detection Behavior you may very well annoy the hell out of your audience. If this is checked it will always look for the latest build of which ever Version and Major Revision you choose (it basically makes the Minor Revision field a variable, always asking for the latest and greatest build). A friend of mine found this out the hard way a couple months back. Luckily I was testing the site for him, and I noticed that ever time I went to the site it told me I did not have Flash installed, even though I know I did. Turning this check box off fixed the problem. I understand why it might be important to use that feature, but people should understand what it does before they turn it on.

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