Free Upgrade to Adobe CS

I bought the Adobe Design Collection on September 9th. By the end of the month Adobe announced Adobe Creative Suite. I called support and sure enough I get a free upgrade! If not I was gonna do some bitching, thats for sure. I hear rumors of Adobe CS shipping in November, and I will be one of the first to get it, which just rocks. I cannot wait to see all the new improvements. Since the apps are going to be OS X only I hope they will show better performance then the current versions do. Photoshop 7 runs a bit faster in OS 9 then it does in OS X on my TiBook. I figured I would get the free upgrade to the Premium Edition, but no, I get the Standard Edition. This means I do not get Acrobat 6 Pro, but I already own that, and I do not get GoLive CS, oh darn! I am not gonna complain though, the upgrade to Standard Edition which includes Photoshop CS, InDesign CS, and Illustrator CS is $550. That is money I do not have to spend, which sure is nice :-D.

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