I Have Been Under The Weather

Being sick sucks! :sad: Feeling like crap. Sour Through. Coughing. Raw Nose. Buying stock in Kleenex. It is all part of the fall season, isnt it? So needless to say I have not felt like posting to my blog lately. I really haven't felt like doing anything on my computer until today. I haven't worked this week, which sucks cuz that means I have not made any money this week. Tis the life of the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head so I can't sleep geek.

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Hope you get well soon. Unfortunately having been ill for the past 4 weeks and only just recovered, I can give you little sympathy :-P.

I was wondering why the hell I haven't been subjected to your belly-aching about how OSX is awesome and XP sucks ass ;)

Get better dude!

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